Dublin by Stories – Interview with Anna Gąciarz

I was lucky to meet up with Anna Gąciarz, director & choreographer of 50% Male Experimental Theatre, a Dublin-based dance collective. Set up in 2009, it has brought us a number of wonderful performance including Seekers and Peter Pans. Her group has proved on many occasions that they can translate the world’s chaos into harmony of moves and shapes. Gąciarz arrived to Ireland nine years ago and took a position of Arts & Media Manager in the Polish Information & Culture Centre in Dublin, pursuing later a career in marketing. In Poland she acted as an Artistic Director for VOGUE Dance Company in Gryfino, having danced in it for over 13 years.

A.P:   “Dance is the hidden language of the soul,” as Martha Graham once said. And 50% Male Experimental Theatre definitely speaks it. So well that I am wondering when you all started to learn it?

A.G.:     I don’t think you can learn it. People have it or not. It’s just a matter of discovering and nurturing it in yourself. I work with performers who as you said, speak the language and this is our form of artistic expression.

A.P:      50% Male Experimental Theatre is a truly unique group that has brought us exquisite shows such as Chemistry and Peter Pans, touring around Ireland and performing at number of events including Dublin Fringe Fest. Where do you find inspirations for new projects?

A.G.:     Obviously life itself is very inspirational. People, different cultures, social classes, places and many more that may affect the creation of new work. Also, my personal experiences influence my artistic exploration. Other than that, sometimes I come up with some visions and pictures in my head that I try to link together and create a new performance.

A.P.:     In 2013 has welcomed your new performance Figure It Out, that focuses on women. To bring it to life, you successfully raised funds on the crowd-raising platform FundIt. Now it is part of this year’s Fringe Fest in Dublin. What should we expect next?

A.G.:   We would love to explore possibilities of presenting Figure It Out in Ireland and abroad. You can definitely expect a new production. However, I’m not able to say when, where and what this will be about. Please follow us on Facebook or www.50percentmale.com as we put all updates there.


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