RUSH at Light House Cinema

Thanks to I was really lucky to attend the press screening of Ron Howard’s Rush, a movie about the Formula One, four-wheel glam, rivalry and finding friends in peculiar places.

I should start by saying I am, as in terms of the automobile world, as green a garden cucumber. The statement is true through and through as the only thing I can tell you about any type of the car is its colour. When heading to the Light House Cinema, I let my mind wonder to keep it away from any prejudice or topic bigotry. Having arrived, I quietly grabbed a seat and tuned in to the moving pictures on the big screen. I instantly took to the methodical & goal-driven Austrian Niki Lauda, played by the wonderful Daniel Brühl. A financier’s son turns rebel, ditching family’s comforts and fortune to pursue dreams on the racing tracks. His level-headedness gets challenged by Englishman James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth). Hunt, aka ‘Hunt the Shunt’, is an adventurer, adored by woman and praised by men, who is set on a mission to redefine his own path. As expected, there are clashes and heated arguments, surprisingly followed by budding trust and friendship between these two completely opposite characters. With the plot evolving, the audience can feast their eyes with the stunning imagery of such countries like Germany, Monaco or Japan. With numerous close-ups of Formula One races, we discover more and more about the world of winding circuits and bustling pit lanes.


The movie completely mesmerized me with beautiful photography and camera work. The cast choice definitely hit the jackpot. There is undeniable chemistry between two protagonists, which creates basis for the rest of characters to follow. My pick would be Marlene Knaus, presented by German actress Alexandra Maria Lara, who introduces a picture of a woman, backing up her partner’s dreams, regardless of her own fears and uncertainties. I left the screen room craving for more. I would definitely recommend Rush to anyone who likes good movies. No previous Formula One experience required, just equip yourself with an open mind and a ticket.

The movie runs at Light House Cinema.

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