Memories of Bubble Revolution

Dublin is full of theatre treats and this week I’ve sunk my cultural teeth into Bubble Revolution, by the Polish Theatre Ireland. Together with a pop-up museum hosting various PRL artifacts, the show runs in Theatre Upstairs of The Lanigan’s Bar till Sept 21.

Bubble -Revolution - Silver-Merik-StudioHaving grabbed a seat, I got ready for revisiting a courtyard of my school years memories. On the stage bedecked with balloons, a tiny figure in a pretty prom-like dress appeared in a halo of light. Wiktoria, aka Vica, a thirty year old woman, welcomed us with a big smile in her dreamy bubble, weaved of 80’s music, pop art dreams and Fanta cans. Then she took us on a journey through a fairy tale, crafted by her stats-and-facts mogul parents, a trip to Norway and Nutella madness. The audience had a chance to wander across a landscape of her PRL-soaked childhood with its all goods and awkwardness before a sudden transitional jump into a freshly brewed mixture of capitalistic frenzies and extravaganzas. With each minute we discovered the reality of growing up in an estranged family, uneasy to communicate between each other. Love is overlapping with fears, molding a fragile tower of mood swings and ceaseless runaway of responsibilities. Wiktoria’s bubble would burst sooner or later but the question was whether she would find her way out from chewy debris or remained buried under pre-pubescent fantasies. Actress Kasia Lech is a real gem, beautifully presenting a mono-drama of a single mum. I felt her pain, tearing her mind apart while fighting demons and looking for her own holy grail of Brazilian soap operas.

The spotlight went off. Wiktoria was left behind in a cardboard box full of old-school memorabilia. My inner child loves playing with toys but accept a need for passing a tool box to a more mature me whenever the need. Wiktora became an interesting reminder of things we treasure and what we should aspire to.

Bubble Revolution runs till Sept 22. Polish performances– 14&21 September 2013. Tickets: €10

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