Coffee Spot – Paris Bakery

Sipping coffee is just a part of the adventure. It is also about the spot you have a chance to put you mind on easy and a cup on a table. This time my legs have led me to Parisian Bakery, a lovely little French gem in Moore St, just off Henry St.

I foOpera-Chocolate-Cake-Paris-Bakery und a cosy seat not far away from the main entrance and grabbed a menu card. My choice was cappuccino, which arrived a few minutes later in a decent large cup, ready to satisfy my caffeine cravings. The taste was rich and pleasantly hot, which was a plus in a cold weather that day. As a sweet tooth has a tendency to follow, I browsed a bit through a list of tarts and cakes. Although I did expect to see a few more names, I must say the chocolaty treats were definitely worth sinning. I ordered a piece of Opera Chocolate Cake with a hint of raspberries at the top. A simply beautiful treat, with a moist sponge cake and a perfectly balanced chocolate filling. No trace of over-sugaring that might make your mind clogged and your tongue stiff.

It was time to pay a bill and come back to the reality. I will make sure to stop by for another dose of the French boulangerie.

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