Time to #FreakOut with 4 Dame Lane

Dublin is always full of fresh ideas, hatching in minds of uber-active creatives. So imagine my delight to hear about #FreakOut, the arty extravaganza by Picture this Dublin, dipping into a local imaginarium of artists and musicians.

Focusing on street art and catchy music, 4 Dame Lane has been hosting this boiling pot of positive energy  for the last two Tuesday, bringing us such names as Tristan Carroll, The Aluskas and Rocher. But all good things have to come to an end. So does #FreakOut, with the last show approaching on August 27.

Considering a great atmosphere and selection of participating voices, I will definitely miss this event. On the other hand, I do believe Timi aka Picture this Dublin has something new on his mind to fill that slot. So let’s wait and see. After all, patience is a virtue that should be rewarded.

2 thoughts on “Time to #FreakOut with 4 Dame Lane

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