Scream Dublin Fringe Fest 2013

In terms of celebrating creativity in Dublin, this Tuesday is important. Why, you ask? Because of the launch of Dublin Fringe Fest, silly!

18 days of fresh, mind-twisting and imagination-poking acts from around the globe. It is a hypnotic clash of locally grown talents and internationally recognized contemporary theatre and dance shows, all of them popping out around the Spire.

Who to expect? Briefs are back in DublinTown with ‘The Second Coming‘ that promises a glitter bomb of madness, addictive music and Adonis-like boys. Anu brings us a compelling series of 13 interconnecting works  that combine installation. digital technology and performance. ‘Thirteen‘ will make the audience immerse in an alternative reality of the 1913 Dublin Lockout, the most severe Irish industrial dispute between circa 20,000 workers and 300 employers.

Good stuff is just budding this Summer. Good weather can do wonders, doesn’t it.

The festival runs September 5-22 in numerous venues. The whole programme will land in our hands on Wednesday, August 14. #HappyDays!

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