Fooling around in Scotland

Oh joy, my writing muse appears to find her way back to my door. I believe inspirations simply flooded my consciousness’ mail box after a long weekend in the àlainn Scotland.

Bank holiday weekends are never long enough, as the story usually goes. However, this one seemed to have shrunk to size zero last weekend. Was it a magical touch of the Scottish hills that did it? I will probably never find out, but hey – who wants to delve into a magician’s closet. There is a good chance it ain’t Narnia.

What I do know is that Edinburgh is mesmerizing. In sunny glow, the city is absolutely blooming, shooting sprouts of creativity and positivity towards the sky like a sugar-powered 4 year-old attacking freshly-painted walls. The amount of music, art and science made us culturally tipsy just by looking at it. Exaggeration? Not with the Edinburgh Fringe Fest on the horizon. The world’s biggest arty frenzy was about to claim the city, embracing hungry crowds with a sparkling cloak of artistic madness. Comedians, dancers, puppeteers and other arts practitioners were springing out from between stalls with the speed of light. And the more you saw, the more you were craving for…

So you are planning a trip to Scotland, make sure to visit

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